Board Picture Dec. 2018 Adjusted.jpeg

Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation Board of Directors and staff (2018), above from left to right:

  • Janette B. Salter (Administrative Assistant 1993-present)

  • Peter B. Sullivan (President, Director 1997-present)

  • Betsy Shults (Vice-President, Director 2003-present)

  • Barclay O. Wellman (Director Emeritus, Director 1983-2016)

  • Alexis T. Singleton (Assistant Treasurer, Director 2003-present)

  • Kelly A. Dawson, CPA (Treasurer, Director 2008-present)

  • Thomas M. Becker (Vice-President, Director 2016-present)

  • Linda V. Swanson (Executive Director 2007-present)

  • Mark I. Hampton (Secretary, Director 1994-present)

  • Ray Fashano (Vice President, Director 2008-present)